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Fabricated realities. Only smaller.

This is the new home for all the stupid miniature stuff and models I make, who knows what it will end up containing, but I do know it’s going to contain a record shop, a derelict launderette, a skip, and various other bits from the tangle inside my head.

Please bear with me while I get this here thing up and running.

Telephone Box

The telephone box A fairly new KX1000 British Telecom telephone box. You know those weird things nobody uses any more unless they're a drug-dealers or a pimp, already suffering at the hands of the...

The Transit

The Transit It's seen better days, long since removed from a fleet, now patched up with spare panels, filler, gaffer tape and plywood. It's owned by a band, they use it to drag amplifiers about and...

The tumble dryer

A large commercial tumble dryer has somehow found its way out of the launderette. I can't work out how. It's now laying down on some wasteground considering it's options, mind in a spin.

Barney Schutt Skips

Barney Schutt Skips lives outside the launderette, gradually being filled with the slightly sad waterline detritus of a nearby building and the echo of life it contained. It's already achieved...

Spiral Scratch

Spiral Scratch is a record shop, stuck in 1991 it could be nearly anywhere or indeed anywhen. This one is on is on the corner of the Hookland Road and what was Trafford Street, in what's left of a...